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Thorough Upholstery Cleaning in Salisbury SP1

A Professional Cleans Upholstery in SalisburyLocal Cleaners Salisbury SP1 has been on the market for more than 10 years. Our dedicated team of fully vetted experts can guarantee full stain removal and fiber rejuvenation of all upholstery types, as well as:

  • All kind of furniture cleaning
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Do you need your furniture cleaned during the weekend or it's an emergency during the holiday season? We've got you covered - our teams are available even during the weekend and holidays, free of additional charges or any deposits, just call 020 3746 8263 and save your date.

Perfect Cleaning For Your Furniture

We clean: natural and synthetic leather, ottomans, sued, natural fibers, silk, cotton, Kashmir, satin, synthetic materials, acrylic, vinyl and a lot more.

Our Cleaning Methods

Leather upholstery treatment - we work with both natural and synthetic leather, both of which have their pros and cons. With natural leather, its treatment and cleaning can be quite particular to the type of leather because the different kinds age in a different way. Most of the time we are responsible for the rejuvenation of natural leather, and that's done with a special rejuvenating agent we apply on damaged leather. Time will have its toll on the leather and its flexibility and malleability making it a lot more likely to tear and flake upon sitting. The rejuvenating agent is used to reinvigorate the leather, return some of its flexibility and make it a lot less likely for damage to occur with regular use. We apply the agent with a hand cloth which absorbs any excess, leaving the rest to be absorbed by the leather itself. There is a small drying time, so the material can take as much of the agent as possible, and it's best that its left to dry for a couple of hours afterwards.

Steam cleaning - this is an ideal treatment for fibrous materials that have been infested by dust and stains. It attracts dirt and it leaves no trace of it behind, rejuvenating the fibers underneath while keeping them safe from any more filth. We are able to accomplish amazing stain removal results by pre-treating any stains, then dealing with them using the main treatment. With this, we are capable of removing stains of all nature, both synthetic and natural, without compromising the strength of your furniture's upholstery.

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With a single phone call you can get a team of experts at your doorstep ready to clean any piece of upholstery on your furniture that you need, no waiting or contracts required. We also support different payment options, for your flexibility and convenience.

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