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Amazing Mattress Cleaning in Salisbury SP1

Mattress Cleaning in a Salisbury HomeLocal Cleaners Salisbury SP1 supports clients whenever in need, during weekends or the holiday season, we work from early mornings to late evenings, without security deposits or any extra charges. Become a part of our Salisbury family and get:

  • Absolute pest removal
  • No more stains or odours
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Fixed prices and rates
  • Adjustable scheduling

Get rid of dust and allergens in your home, give us a call at 020 3746 8263 and get our expertise at your doorstep within the hour of your call. We are offering you full bed bug and dust mite removal guaranteed, at a reasonable, competitive price.

Why Choose Us?

Our team can clean orthopedic, natural fibered, anti-bacterial, memory foam and regular spring mattresses.

Special Methods For Perfect Results

U.V lights treatment- we use nothing but the best for our clients, and with this treatment we show it better than anywhere. The ultraviolet lights we use are more often seen in laboratories as means of chemical and contaminant free sterilization of clothing, equipment, tools and even entire rooms. Our lights have been modified to emit rays at a wavelength that does not harm textiles and their colours, yet is still as effective against parasites and pests in your mattress. We use the lights in accordance with security guidelines, allowing them to work for only a couple of minutes before removing them. Once their work is over we remove all dead skins cells, carcasses and bed bug fecal matter using a very powerful vacuum machine which allows us to fully extract any contaminants that might have been left behind. We use no chemicals and leave no trace behind, making this a very safe cleaning technique.

Steam cleaning- using steam we can eradicate a number of the bacterium and remove stains and the odours their carry. We are able to achieve amazing result using steam in conjunction with a specially chosen detergent that corresponds to the stain and the fibers we are treating. A narrow nozzle is used to focus the steam jet on the stain to guarantee its full removal yet it minimizes the exposure of moisture to the fibers. This in turn makes it easier for us to air dry your mattress and remove all possibility of mold growth. The heat produced during the cleaning is helpful with the eradication and extermination of pests and bacterial colonies as well as the removal of odours from the mattress, offer you a 100% dust and smell removal rate. We can expedite the drying process by using our air movers, which you can book separately beforehand.

Always On Your Side

By scheduling a date with us you are scheduling once, that's all you'll need after we are done. We guarantee a 100% success rate and absolute bed bug and dust mite removal from the surface and base of your mattress, without resorting to poisonous and toxic materials.

Quick And Easy Booking

To book this service and any of the treatments, call 020 3746 8263 where a well-trained staff of customer reps is ready to help you any way possible. Book today and get access to exclusive deals and offers and not only save your mattress but also save time and money.