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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We will first pre treat the stain with a special detergent and afterwards, depending on the type of carpet you have we will use our steam or dry cleaning technique to finish the job.

A: The average drying time is 3-4 hours after the treatment is completed. However, the amount of time that carpets need to dry to be fully moisture-free depends on several factors. The first one is the thickness of the carpet, the second one is the ventilation in the room and the third one is the temperature. We can reduce the drying time to an hour and a half, using our air movers which you can book separately by calling 020 3746 8263.

A: Yes, we use safe chemicals and toxin free detergents that have high efficiency without leaving any hazardous traces, making your home a safer place.

A: Yes we can! We have a special technique that ensures full odour removal. For more information refer to the respective curtain cleaning page here.

A: Yes, we would appreciate it if you had a parking spot close to the sight we are cleaning ready. The lesser time we spend carrying equipment, the more we can spend cleaning your home.

A: We don't work with deposits, so there is no need to leave any down payments, just call and book a service - we will bear in mind your busy schedule.

A: Our experts can guarantee safe result each time, with more than 10 years of experience they can handle even the most expensive rugs with confidence. And just to give you a peace of mind, you are covered by our comprehensive insurance which is included in our rates.

A: Yes we can, call our number and we can give you a tip or two.