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Efficient Curtain And Drape Cleaning in SalisburyLocal Cleaners Salisbury SP1 is offering you the most convenient and efficient way to clean your home curtains and drapery, all accomplished with one phone call. Early in the morning or late at night, just give us a call and enjoy:

  • Odour free drapes
  • Colour protection
  • Specialised treatment
  • Quality control
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You can't be on sight when we arrive? It`s not a problem, we can arrange a safe key drop-off and pick-up, with full insurance coverage to guarantee your safety and that of your home and belongings. Call 020 3746 8263 to reserve a date and learn more.

Our service

We cover the cleaning of Venetian blinds, silk, cotton, satin, Kashmir, wool, blends, synthetic fibers, acrylic, vinyl and a lot more.


Steam cleaning - unlike with other treatments, steam allows us to immediately attract and gather dust and grime from the fibers of your curtain and we can do that without even having to take the curtains down. With our mobile steam machine, we can clean your drapes and curtains as they are, reducing waiting time as well as the chance of wrinkling. To properly clean a curtain without taking it down, we need our special attachment which grasps the material and helps us with the cleaning. We are able to inject the fibers with steam which we vacuum immediately out along with all of the filth, smells and dust inside, leaving an odour and grime free textile, with rejuvenated and protected colours. We use natural detergents that have a high biodegradability levels, meaning that they leave no trace of their existence, expect the evident results.

Dry cleaning - this treatment shares the effectiveness of the steam procedure when it comes to stain and grime removal, however, we are not able to clean the curtains as they are. It is required, for proper cleaning, that the curtains are taken down and placed on a flat surface. Once that is done we go over with a hoover to remove any loose debris, after which we apply the detergent which is then spread around using a fine brush. This embeds it into the fibers of the material, allowing it to bind with the filth inside, it then dissolves said filth which makes it easier for us to extract it and the detergent later on using a powerful vacuum machine. There is no drying required, the curtains can be put up straight away, free of charge.

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